Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

How Crisis Core Gives Final Fantasy 7 a New Meaning

Final Fantasy 7 has always been an iconic game within the gaming world, remembered fondly for its characters, story, and music. However, the prequel Crisis Core brings a whole new dimension to the original FF7. With the addition of Crisis Core's story content, we gain a lot more insight into Cloud's journey and discover the implications it has for the remake Part II. Let's take a look at what Crisis Core has to offer and how it enhances our understanding of FF7.

For those who may not be familiar with it, Crisis Core follows Zack Fair, a soldier in Shinra’s military organization known as SOLDIER. As he rises through the ranks of SOLDIER, we learn more about his relationship with his mentor Angeal Hewley and his close friend Sephiroth. We also see how Cloud Strife is introduced into their group and what happens when their paths cross during Sephiroth’s descent into madness.

The key takeaway from Crisis Core is that Cloud was never part of SOLDIER—despite his claims—and was instead an ordinary Shinra trooper who was mentally unhinged after witnessing Zack's death at Sephiroth’s hands. This realization gives us an entirely new perspective on Cloud's journey throughout FF7 and his confusion when Sephiroth calls him a clone. We begin to understand why he struggles with his identity so much throughout this game; there are so many layers to his backstory that we didn't know before!

Adding to this complexity is how important Zack is to Cloud's personal narrative arc. It turns out Zack wasn't just one of Cloud's friends; he was almost like an older brother figure to him who provided him with guidance and support throughout his life. The fact that Zack’s death causes such mental turmoil for Cloud makes us appreciate their bond even more when playing through Final Fantasy 7(Remake).

When you add in all of the details provided by Crisis Core, you get a much richer understanding of Cloud Strife’s story arc in Final Fantasy 7 (Remake). It provides us with further insight into why he struggles so much with identity and memory issues throughout the game and shows us how meaningful Zack’s death was for him personally. This newfound knowledge only serves to make our experience with Final Fantasy 7 even more enjoyable!